How to Fix iPhone 5s' Touch ID Troubles

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Touch ID is really an exciting new feature on iPhone 5s. You can use it to unlock your iPhone 5s and approve purchases on iTunes Store avoiding the problem that forgot iPhone 5s passcode and iTunes ID. Although the Touch ID is great when it works, a number of iPhone 5s users have complained that the fingerprint sensor fails to recognize the correct print on the first try.

Why Doesn't Phone 5s' Touch ID Work?

1. The fingerprint may lose accuracy when it's cold outside as the sensor scans both your fingerprint and the underlying layer of skin, called subdermis when checking your finger against stored information.

2. The sensor often won't recognize your print when your fingers or device are damp, because the water residue is interfering with the scan or your finger has absorbed too much water.

3. Touch ID sensor may occasionally pick up dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles. And when the senor is dirty, it will lose accuracy. You can use a clean lint-free cloth to clean most junk.

How to Fix Apple's Touch ID Fingerprint Reader Problems?

Apple lets us add up to five difference fingers with Touch ID, so that you can unlock your iPhone with difference finger. But according to the experiment, if you add the same finger multiple times, the accuracy of Touch ID will be improved greatly.

So follow the steps to add the same finger multiple times to increase the accuracy.

1. Launch the Settings app and go to General > Passcode & Fingerprint > Touch ID.

2. Enter the passcode if prompted and tap on Fingerprints option.

3. Then tap on Add a fingerprint…and follow the on-screen instructions to add the fingerprint.

4. Add the fingerprint for the same finger again by repeating the steps mentioned above.

Tips: What If You Forgot iPhone Lock Password?

If you forgot your iPhone 5S lock password so that you can't open your iPhone 5S, don't be panic. You can enter DFU modeto disable iPhone 5S lock screen password to bypass the forgotten iPhone passcode. After this, you can regain access to your iPhone freely.

DFU mode is something that you can put iPhone into where it can interact with iTunes but does not load the OS or boot loader. Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS enables you to unlock iPhone forgotten passcode in DFU mode without any risks.

Download iPhone Data Recovery Software for Win/Mac now:

1. Run this software on PC and choose Passcode Unlocker from the main interface. Put your iPhone into DFU mode.

2. After you successfully get into recovery mode, you will get another window. Click "Copy Passcode". Then paste the passcode (This is your iPhone password) to some other place like a Word file.

When you find the password, you can fix iPhone 5s' Touch ID troubles as above mentioned.

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